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The International Maritime Organization (IMO) develops "PBIP Workshop for designated authority

Instructors of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) began today, Monday, March 12, 2018, the "Workshop for the Designated Authority and Port Facilities Protection Officers", with the participation of members of the Port Security Specialized Corps ( CESEP), Dominican Port Authority (APORDOM), Navy of the Dominican Republic (ARD), protection officers of several port facilities, as well as representatives of the shipping industry.

This workshop is being given at the Maritime-Port Training and Conventions Hall of the Port Security Specialized Body (CESEP), with the coordination of Mr. Javier Yasnikouski, Chief of the Sub-Division for Maritime Security and Facilitation of the International Maritime Organization (OMI), and international instructors Miguel Ángel Osuna Rodríguez and José Perdomo, both PBIP consultants.

The objective of the workshop is to develop skills, share experiences in favor of continuous improvement and the training of instructors in PBIP matters and its duration will be for five (5) days.

Directorate of Public Relations CESEP

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