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Recognition for outstanding women in the maritime sector in 2017!

Lludelis Espinal Benzant was named winner in the category Outstanding Women in the Maritime-Port Sector for her notorious dedication and prominent professional career in the port sector.

In addition to being President and co-founder of E&M International Consulting, a company specialized in offering legal, maritime, port and logistic services, among others, she is co-founder of a series of companies dedicated to the maritime industries, including: PANDI Dominicana, specialized in maritime insurance consulting; MECORP, representative in the country of a company that has dredged Dominican ports, as well as companies that offer port equipment and maritime cybersecurity; NC Camin Cargo, maritime and cargo inspectors; and NC Marine Experts, ship fuel laboratory.

Her work as a pioneer in increasing the national and international participation of women in the maritime sector led her to be founder of Women International Shipping and Trading Association (WISTA) in the Dominican Republic. In her role as President of WISTA DOMINICANA, she signed an agreement with the CIP/OAS to empower women in the hemisphere. Also, in a joint work with the Dominican Port Authority, she launched the project Port Women’s Community: We are the strength of the ports, guarantee for progress. This, with the objective of developing a sustainable program that involves the public and private sector for the inclusion of women in the maritime and port sector through a national strategy.

Lludelis is dedicated to the development of the maritime and port industry in her country as it is vital to reducing poverty. In this sense, she published several books on the subject “The Dominican Maritime Spaces. The Legal Situation of the Caribbean Sea “,” The Management of Maritime Claims “,” The Dominican Legislation against Port Modernization “.

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