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¿Did you know the different types of Oil Spills?

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Oil spills occur when petroleum, plant- or animal-based oils enter the environment unintentionally.

🛢Class A Oil: is the most toxic but least persistent of all oils, spreads quickly when spilled and has a strong odor.

🛢Class B Oil: “non-sticky” oils, they are less toxic than class A oils but more likely to adhere to surfaces.

🛢Class C Oil: heavy and sticky, it adheres strongly to surfaces.

🛢Class D Oil: this is crude oil and is solid and has the least toxicity.

🛢Non-Petroleum Oil: Non-petroleum oils coat wildlife and can cause death due to suffocation or dehydration. Non-petroleum oils are slow to break down and easily penetrate soil, causing long-lasting damage to an affected area.

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