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Commercial Advisory

Our team brings together experience, industry and market knowledge to give you impartial advice on how to start a new venture or enhance your business’ performance. We work with you to build a clear understanding of the practical changes required to deliver value and the detailed plans that will sustain it.


Our advice is drawn from an in-depth understanding of the realities and challenges of operating in the maritime and port sector so that you can be confident that we will deliver value to your bottom line.

Maritime Advisory

Our clients have the confidence of knowing that their case is being handled by an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer with over 30 years of experience handling maritime cases in the Dominican Republic.

Handling maritime claims and P&I.

Freight agreements.

Maritime contracts

Shipments and foreclosures.

Boat registration and permits.

Stowaway cases.

Training in IMO conventions.

Logistics advisors.

Air transport advisors.

Legal Advisory

Our legal department is recognized for its professionalism and experience guiding customers requirements.

Civil, commercial and international agreements. Distribution, representation, agency, franchising, international sales and purchase, among others.

Certifications and legalizations through public notary.

Legal translations.

Design and execution of public biding processes, concessions and other forms of contracts with government agencies.

Due diligences.

Private and judicial investigations.


Customs, environmental, administrative,

and immigration law.

Financial Advisory

E&M International Consulting provides its clients with the best accounting, auditing, financial services, as well as financial advising.


These services include the revision and maintenance of individual company’s financial records, tax reports and other financial information.

first aid logo.png

As P&I Correspondents, E&M International Consulting understands how medical expenses can hinder operations in the shipping industry, especially in the Caribbean where local hospitals normally don’t take international insurances and tend to inflate costs resulting in overpriced and unrealistic invoices. 

Requesting Emintco (E&M International Consulting) First Aid is necessary when health emergencies arise because we can negotiate and obtain the most accurate prices for the different medical services rendered. 


We are more effective if you contact us first, that way we can guarantee that the local Health providers and hospitals will issue accurate invoices. Like is the case with ship’s agents or any other firms.

This service offers:

✔︎ We ensure that the injured member receives the best medical attention.

✔︎ We provide emotional support to the injured member and its family abroad. 

✔︎ Act as advocates assuring the interest of the Club in front of the Healthcare providers and insurance companies. 

✔︎ Effective reporting and diagnosis, combining detailed doctor recommendations.

✔︎ 24/7 communication with the club and its members.

✔︎ Crew travel arrangements.

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