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Today, plastic pollution is the main ecological concern for our world’s oceans, affecting both the conservation of marine species and posing hazards in shipping. Sadly, the projections of this issue are ameliorate and not the most positive. The problems are expected to increase substantially in the coming future. The shipping industry’s constant pursuit in implementing green practices and improving its environmental performance has been proactive, yet this matter still demands continuous effort, solutions and attention.

Photo Source: Maritime Executive

Shipping companies continue to unite to strengthen policies and procedures to eliminate and ban single-use plastics. So far, 29 companies across the maritime sector have signed the Single-Use Plastic Charter. “The UK Chamber of Shipping has launched a new Single-Use Plastic Charter seeking to encourage companies to ban the use of non-essential single-use plastics by the end of 2021.” By signing this charter, companies aim to develop initiatives to replace single-use plastics by December 31, 2021.

Although it may seem that small changes such as finding alternatives to plastic straws will not impact-fully decrease the magnitude of the problem, the collaboration of shipping companies attempting to implement these improvements certainly set the example for other industries to follow suit. Many questions remain: what results will these companies generate in one year’s time? Which contender will distinguish itself from the rest? Pessimistic predictions that plastics in the sea will increase threefold by 2025 has us hoping that a year from today, we will report how this charter made an effective difference in combating this issue.


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