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Six castaways rescued from the cargo ship that sank while crossing Puerto Plata-Bahamas

Following reports of a marine incident that happened early yesterday morning, the Dominican Republic Navy has launched a search and rescue effort.

The cruise ship “CARNIVAL VISTA” reported sighting 12 people in the water, approximately 32 miles north of Monte Cristi. These people were traveling on the boat named “Two Brothers”, which had set sail yesterday from Puerto Plata to Providenciales, T&C.

The cruise ship managed to rescue 6 people, but 06 are still missing.

The “Two Brothers” vessel, flying the Dominican flag and with registration No. BC-T49-1083PP, 98 feet in length, which is used for general cargo, had 12 crew members on board, including the captain, all of Dominican nationality.

In response, the Navy deployed three naval units, working together with the Dominican Republic Air Force and with the support of air units of the United States Coast Guard (USCG), to try to locate and rescue the six people. still missing. The search operation is focusing on the area of the last known position where these people were sighted.

The Navy is committed to providing updates as the operation progresses.

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