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The refrigeration container business is stabilizing.

According to the medium specializing in perishable goods FreshFruitPortal, the import of fresh items has returned to the normality that it managed until 2019, which was wrecked by the pandemic and the challenges that it provided for the transfer of maritime cargo.

Since not long ago, the maritime rates were affected by prices that were up to ten times higher than usual, the rates and availability were finally stabilizing.

A portion of the volume, or about 6% of marine containers, are refrigerated, so fresh food transportation falls under that category.

These products are subject to higher prices since the containers used to transport them are more expensive and require extensive insurance to assist cover costs in the event of risks.

Many shipments result in insurance claims due of excessively extended delays and unsalable goods.

Due to these issues, the industry started to export less. Farmers started leaving unharvested fruits and vegetables in their fields and trees as a means to protect their income from transportation issues.


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