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Wista Dominican Republic awards all female crew

Wista Dominican Republic had so much fun yesterday, paying a visit to the tug “Svitzer Montecristi" crew at Boca Chica Ports. It could be hard to believe, but only 2% of the maritime workforce is made up of women, most of whom are employed on cruises and ferries. In the Dominican Republic an important change has occurred in the shipping industry, historically predominated by men. Thanks to the initiative of Capt. Dickson Rivas of the international tug company Svitzer, we have the first all-female crew for the tug “Svitzer Montecristi”. In support for this gender equality movement Wista Dominican Republic was so proud to award Captain Maria de los Santos who leads the team on board the 70-ton bollard pull "Svitzer MonteCristi", accompanied by Chief Engineer Marysabel Moreno and supported by sailors, Paloma Montero, Loreanni Torres and Juana Custodio. The president of WISTA Dominican Republic, Lludelis Espinal, along with Esther Estevez, Bernarda Nuñez and Keyla Brito, members of this organization had a wonderful experience on board the tug and could enjoyed a nice trip around the port of Caucedo wherein had a brief training about the tug maneuvers and the dairy work of these females who are dedicating their lives to support the local shipping industry, through their expertise, hard work and personal sacrifice. 

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