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5 Crucial Questions to Ask a Lawyer Before Starting a New Venture

Here are five important questions you should ask your commercial advisor as you embark on your new venture:

1. Do they understand your industry?

If our legal counsel doesn’t know key industry information, they won’t know what to advise you except what you tell them. And in that case, what’s the point?

2. Have they worked with other companies in the same stage?

For early-stage companies, the focus has to be on building a legal infrastructure for the company; for later-stage companies, the focus is often on securities, funding, etc.

3. Which lawyer will actually be working on your matter?

4. What is their fee structure?

5. Do you actually like the person you’re talking to?

In any hiring decision, personality matters.

If you’re in need of commercial and legal counsel to start a venture within the Dominican Republic/ Haiti send us a message to info@emintco.com

Our team brings together experience, industry and market knowledge to give you impartial advice on how to start a new venture or enhance your business’ performance.

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