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CMA CGM and Maersk join forces to accelerate the decarbonization of the shipping industry

A.P. Moller - Maersk A/S and CMA CGM are uniting their efforts in a collaborative venture dedicated to decarbonization, all within the bounds of legal compliance. Recognized as pioneers in the shipping industry's energy transition, both companies believe that their collective action will accelerate the shift toward greener shipping practices, fostering mutual learning and expediting progress.

With net-zero objectives in place for their shipping businesses, Maersk and CMA CGM have identified scalable solutions that can make a meaningful impact in this decade. Each has independently pursued ambitious pathways to promote decarbonization. Maersk has invested in vessels capable of running on bio/e-methanol, while CMA CGM has ordered LNG-propelled vessels, adaptable to bio/e-methane, and vessels equipped for bio/e-methanol operation.

In their ambitious partnership, the companies will concentrate on the development and utilization of alternative, eco-friendly fuels for container vessel propulsion. This includes establishing rigorous standards for sustainable green fuels, analyzing their complete lifecycle and related greenhouse gas emissions. They will also facilitate the mass production of green methane and green methanol while setting standards for the safe operation and bunkering of green methanol vessels, expediting port readiness for bio/e-methanol supply at key global ports.

Furthermore, Maersk and CMA CGM will collaborate on research and development into other components of the net-zero solution, exploring emerging alternative fuels like ammonia and innovative technologies for their ships.

Both companies emphasize the crucial role of regulation in achieving sector-wide decarbonization and welcome the recent adoption of the IMO's 2023 strategy for reducing GHG emissions from ships. They are committed to advocating for and encouraging ambitious measures at the regional and international levels, such as the EU Fit for 55 and the Inflation Reduction Act in the US, to stimulate demand for green shipping solutions.

Maersk and CMA CGM are also open to collaborative engagement with regulatory stakeholders to establish a robust and sustainable international GHG framework. They invite other international shipping lines to join them in this cooperative effort to create a level playing field and reduce carbon emissions in the global shipping industry.

Source: https://www.maersk.com/news/articles/2023/09/19/cma-cgm-and-maersk-join-forces-to-accelerate-the-decarbonization-of-the-shipping-industry

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