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Measures regarding COVID-19

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, E&M International wants to reassure all of

our clients, commercial partners and colleagues, that we are taking this situation

seriously and setting forth appropriate processes within our firm, prioritizing both

our staff safety and clients’ needs.

We are diligently monitoring and adhering to the Ministry of Health’s protocols, as

well as both, Dominican Republic and Haiti's latest government’s

recommendations, as follows:

I. Dominican Republic’s measures regarding COVID-19

1. Cruise ships are not being allowed to dock in Dominican ports for the period of

30 days as of today 16th March 2020.

2. All flights inbound and outbound are suspended between the Dominican

Republic and Europe, China, South Korea and Iran for the period of 30 days as of

today 16th March 2020.

3. A quarantine requirement is being imposed for visitors who have been in any of

the above listed countries during the previous two weeks.

4. Health screenings have been placed at airports and all arriving passengers must

complete a travel history form.

5. Ships cargo operations are being carried out normally at all ports for now. We

strongly recommend that all crew must stay on board.

II. Haiti’s measures regarding COVID-19

1. At the moment, Haiti’s Ministry of Health announced no confirmed cases of

COVID-19. However, the government urged people to avoid public gatherings,

practice social distancing, and cancel unnecessary travel abroad.

2. As of midnight, Monday March 16, 20 the government has implemented flight

restrictions and closure of the border with the Dominican Republic. All flights to and

from Haiti and destinations in the Dominican Republic, Canada, Latin America and

Europe will be suspended for two weeks. Flights between Haiti and the United

States will continue. The Government of Haiti stated that all travelers from the U.S.

must have a document showing that they have tested negative for coronavirus

before boarding. The Government of Haiti did not specify what proof passengers

should present and has not yet provided instructions to airlines.

3. The Government of Haiti will continue to conduct health screenings for arriving


4. The Minister of Interior announced that the border with the Dominican Republic

will be closed to passenger traffic, but goods crossing the border will still be

permitted if personnel transporting the goods are screened at the border.

5. CPS Terminal at Port au Prince is implementing the IMO’s guidance. The Port

Authority has not issued yet any memorandum regarding the other terminals.

6. Ships cargo operations are being carried out normally at all ports for now. We

strongly recommend that all crew must stay on board.

At our firm, we have educated our staff on daily measures they can take to stay safe,

including frequent hand washing, use of hand sanitizer, social distancing, which

includes utilizing conference call lines for meetings and, whenever possible,

communicating by phone and email rather than face-to-face interaction.

At the moment, some of our most vulnerable staff is working remotely at home and

if the severity of the situation increases there may be a time where we will be

working at less than full capacity, however, even in this case, we will closely monitor

all client's matters and will continue to keep you updated.

We hope that you and your families are safe. Thank you for your patience during

this time.

E&M International Consulting, S.R.L

Commercial, Legal and Maritime Advisors

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